Want More Lucrative Fundraising? Cruises Are The Answer

Want More Lucrative Fundraising? Cruises Are The Answer

Selling chocolate is a delicious way to raise funds if you only need to raise a little. Silent auctions are known to bring in bigger bucks, but they are exhausting to plan and prepare for. Black-tie affairs with celebrity performers are always a hit, but require an enormous amount golf tournament fundraising ideas of up-front funding. Cruises, on the other hand, give your organization the ability to bring in large amounts of proceeds without all the work.

Fundraising cruises are becoming more and more popular because they give nonprofits the ability to generate greater interest, increase donor giving and have more fun. In addition, cruise agencies that specialize in fundraising cruises generally offer the services of an account manager or liaison with the cruise line who aids in planning and preparing for the tour. This leaves your staff free to enjoy the cruise as much as the donors who are attending.

Generate Greater Interest

Coming up with fresh ideas on an annual basis quickly becomes tiresome. Yet, those fresh ideas are absolutely vital to attract the interest of new donors and keep the interest of loyal, repeat donors. If interest in your events wanes, so does your funding for the upcoming year.

With fundraising cruises, you have the world to choose from. Most cruise lines accommodate large fundraising parties. This means you can opt for three- or four-night cruises to popular destinations such as the Bahamas or more exotic locales including Greece, Italy or Hawaii. Now that would generate a lot of interest.

Increase Donor Giving

Working with your cruise agency, you can find packages that offer the right levels of discounts in order to ensure your nonprofit receives the highest percentage of donor giving. Many cruise lines match all or part of the proceeds, allowing you to earn even more from the cruise.

Have More Fun

All the options available to regular passengers will be available to your fundraising party and more. Exceptional restaurants, pools and other water activities, casinos, nightlife, Las Vegas-style shows, full-service spa treatments and more are at the disposal of those who sail with you.

Custom excursions exclusively for your cruise party can also be arranged. Private parties aboard ship can be scheduled. Awards dinners, talent shows, golf tournaments and even silent auctions can all be lined up during the course of your cruise.

What’s more, fundraising cruises can be repeated time and again without fear of burnout or boredom on the part of your donors. How? Because you choose which cruise line and what destinations you prefer. The cruise is new and inviting with each year.


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